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Legendary Cornish Ales


Keltek wins double gold at European Beer Awards

We're incredibly proud to announce our Grim Reaper, King and Beheaded took away a collection of Gold and Silver awards at the 2022 European Beer Awards.


At Keltek Cornish Brewery we brew our beers by hand with care and craftsmanship, using the finest whole hop flowers, British malts and hand-pitched yeast.

Pool of Mist 3.4%

Pale Ale

This pale ale is a burst of sunshine in a bottle. It’s malty flavours create a perfect balance, whilst a subtle hint of tangerine adds a refreshing twist. The gentle bitterness rounds off the experience, leaving you feeling satisfied and craving another sip

Panning for Gold 4.0%


This golden ale is a refreshing and light drink with a creamy white head that adds a smoothness to each sip. The flavour profile is a balance of citrus and mango, giving it a slightly sweet and fruity finish. It’s a perfect choice for those looking for a light and flavourful beer to enjoy on a summers day.

Engine House 4.0%


A copper ale has a beautiful , slight red haze, topped off with a white head. The aroma is rich and fruity, with a hint of blackcurrant. On the tongue, it’s a perfect balance of malty bitterness with notes of orange peel and grapefruit

Heart of Kernow 4.5%


Dry hopped amber ale has a refreshing and invigoration aroma of hops and citrus. With every sip, you will taste the perfect balance of sweet and tangy citrus flavours, with a hint of strawberry. This beer is perfect for those who enjoy a crisp and flavourful drink that is not too heavy on the palate.

Miners Gold 5.1%

Premium Ale

A beautiful toffee coloured ale with a creamy white head. Its aroma is reminiscent of freshly baked bread and a hint of zesty orange peel. On the palate, you will experience a delightful blend of spices and subtle citrus flavours.

Pilot Gig 5.2%

Award winning Dark Ale

A dark porter, with a rich and deep colour. It has a sweet and enticing aroma of liquorice and chocolate, inviting you to take a sip. On the tongue, you will be greeted with subtle hints of coffee. It’s the perfect beer for those who love a full-bodied beer.


Award Winning Strong Ale

A dark copper ale is a delicious treat for the senses. It’s smooth tan head and inviting aroma of fruity liquorice and low biscuit notes make it impossible to resist. The perfect blend of caramel, fig and vanilla, with just a hint of liquorice to add a unique twist.


Award Winning Strong Ale

A dark red strong ale is a delight for the senses. It’s aroma of biscuit and stone fruit is sure to make your mouth water. With every sip, you’ll taste the perfect balance of nuttiness and a rich flavour of dark fruits and plum. It’s like taking a bite into a delicious pastry with a fruity twist.

Swifties 4.0%

Cornish Lager

Indulge in this crisp and refreshing pilsner style lager, bursting witht he invigorating scents of tangy lime and hints of stone fruits.

Crafting beloved beers is our lifelong passion and commitment.

The Keltek Cornish Brewery began life in a small stable on the Roseland Peninsula and for years was run by its founder Stu Heath, much more as a hobby than a business. But after winning a vast number of regional, national and even international awards, the brewery soon expanded, and over the years Keltek has grown into one of the largest capacity breweries in the West Country.

Now based in Redruth in Cornwall, we have invested in our own in-house bottling facilities, and in 2013 we became only the second brewery in Cornwall to own its own estate of public houses. Keltek remains a family owned brewery that adheres to the age old traditions of brewing by hand with care and craftsmanship using the finest whole hop flowers, British malts and hand-pitched yeast.

The Keltek Cornish Brewery is SALSA Accredited brewery.